@Welcome to Subnodal.

@We are an online project-making group based in Norwich, England. We develop cool products that make your life easier.



@We're making subOS, a versatile operating system built upon web technologies. We're redesigning subOS from the ground up to be a modern, secure, robust and open operating system.

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@The NanoPlay is a portable device that anyone can code. Designed for learners, tinkers and programmers alike, the NanoPlay features a versatile onboard OS that allows users to create their own apps.

@Created in early 2021


@We've been creating a gaming website called GameProxy. GameProxy is a place where users can play, share, talk about and upload games. To quote our slogan: 'The social media network for games'. Why don't you take a look?!

@Created in October 2018


@LiveTransit is a powerful public transit tracking platform, using artificial intelligence on information from previous journeys as well as recognition from cameras to tell you exactly where your vehicle is and when it will arrive.

@In planning


@IAmAt lets you create simple, text-only websites right in your browser. You can customise your URLs, getting any ones which are available.

@Created on Boxing Day 2018